An abrupt shift to healthier exchange habits that lend to stronger communities and a better planet.

OpenTree is dedicated to enriching and empowering communities by fostering a culture of collaboration, sustainable practices, and local engagement. Through our diverse platforms – OpenTrade, OpenFestival, OpenForum, and OpenExcess – we champion the spirit of community involvement and mutual aid and support.

OpenTree is where community heart meets practical action.

Imagine discovering a handcrafted table from a local artisan on OpenTrade, or rallying neighbors through a locally organized OpenFestival to rejuvenate a rundown park. Picture vibrant discussions on OpenForum, sparking initiatives that breathe life into our streets. Visualize OpenExcess channeling surplus food to families in need, transforming waste into nourishment.

Our mission is not just about transactions or discussions; it’s about weaving these experiences into the fabric of daily life, crafting a world where every act nurtures and strengthens the community.

OpenTree is a call to action for everyone who believes in the power of community, the importance of sustainable living, and the value of doing the right thing. By joining OpenTree, you’re not just engaging in transactions; you’re becoming part of a movement to build stronger, more resilient communities, and a better world for all.

⚫ The OpenTree Platform is now under development.

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With OpenTrade, you aren’t limited to a consumer-merchant relationship, rather you can engage as both a giver and receiver, where every transaction is a decision to dobetter.


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Helping make “Doing the right thing” mainstream – by engaging more people into making the world a better place. Every one of us can make an impact, and together we can change the world. ~Robert Kuntz

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