Our communities today face numerous challenges that affect the very fabric of our social, economic, and environmental well-being. OpenTree offers a multifaceted solution, uniquely positioned to address these issues and help build a better world through community engagement and support.

Let’s explore the challenges we face, and how OpenTree can help communities work better together, for a brighter today…and tomorrow.

Disconnection in Communities: Modern lifestyles have led to a disconnection within communities. Sharing memes is not “social connection.” OpenTree’s community forums (OpenForum) and local event organization platforms (OpenFestival) are designed to rekindle community spirit, fostering interactions and collaborations on projects that matter. This does not replace existing systems, initiatives and efforts, rather greatly enhances the effectiveness of worthy community initiatives by optimizing communal support, engagement and action.

Local Business Struggles: In an era dominated by large corporations, local businesses often struggle to survive. OpenTree, through its OpenTrade platform, brings the focus back to local artisans and traders, offering them a supportive marketplace, and connecting local transactions that would otherwise go outside of the community, creating a negative impact on many levels. It has been proven that by redirecting consumer spending locally, communities become stronger. OpenTrade is gearing to help facilitate and optimize this process.

Environmental Concerns: Excessive waste, especially food waste, poses a significant environmental challenge. OpenRefuse is OpenTree’s answer to this issue, aiming to redirect surplus food to those in need, thereby combating waste and hunger simultaneously.

Building a Better World: The overarching objective of OpenTree is not just to solve these individual problems but to weave a stronger community fabric. Stronger communities lead to a more resilient and caring society. OpenTree’s holistic approach ensures that every interaction and transaction on the platform contributes to this larger goal.

In summary, OpenTree isn’t just a platform; it’s a movement towards a more connected, sustainable, and compassionate world. The need for such a solution is more pressing than ever, and OpenTree’s innovative approach makes it a beacon of hope and transformation.

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Who Are We?

We are many, and we represent all. We are the teachers and the bakers, the local grocer and the small homestead farm that meets at the farmers market each week. We are your neighbors. We are your community.

Robert Kuntz
OpenTree Founder